Helpful Advice About Boarding


Selecting a Boarding Kennel

Stop by a kennel and visit with the owner. Get acquainted with the people who will be caring for your dog. Ask questions; take nothing for granted. “Are toys or bedding welcome? How will Rover be exercised? What will you feed Rover?” Talk about safety features. Discuss frankly any qualms you may have about boarding. They will appreciate your frankness and interest.

The experienced personnel at Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort are trained to recognize the warning signs of potential health problems and will contact a veterinarian if they feel it is called for. Many times it is easier for kennel personnel to detect problems than it is for the owner of the dog e.g., blood in urine, a warning sign that deserves attention, can more easily be detected in the kennel than at home, because the dog is exercised in a specific area which is cleaned regularly.

But it is not part of the kennel’s job to diagnose or to prescribe. If Rover does require veterinary aid while he is in the kennel, you should be aware that you, as Rover’s owner, are financially responsible for such aid. Discuss, before boarding, any medication or special care Rover might need. Most kennels offer a certain amount of individual care (playing with, talking to, petting the dog) but you must be reasonable. (Asking the kennel owner to check Rover at 2am to see if he’s uncovered is not reasonable.)

During boarding, it is possible that dogs sometimes step in their stools or urine and become dirty. This can happen in the cleanest of kennels! Also, some of the finest disinfectants available for sanitizing are not always the most pleasant smelling, and the odor may cling to your dog’s coat. Grooming may be indicated, and you should advise the kennel owner if you want Rover to have a bath on the day he goes home.

One standard for measuring the kennel owner’s interest in his profession is his membership in the American Boarding Kennels Association. You can be certain ABKA members are trying to keep current on the latest developments within the industry, and that they truly care. Their membership certificate will be proudly displayed.

Make certain you understand the rate structure for all services and hours of operation. The fee for boarding not only includes the care of your pet but also the peace of mind that goes with knowing that Rover is safe and with someone you can trust.