The price for baths depends on the type of animal, the condition of its coat and the animal’s temperament. All price quotes given
are considering that the pet has no mats or tangles. A bath includes cleaning of the ears, trimming the nails, bath and flea dip, a
fluff dry and brush out. The animals are finished up with bows and bandanna. A bath does not include ANY trimming of the hair.

Haircuts or Full Grooming

Full grooming includes a bath and flea dip, cleaning of the ears, trimming of the nails, shaving the stomach,
the pads and the rectum area, brush out, bath and flea dip, fluff dry, a haircut specified by the owner and scissor finish.
Bows and a bandanna are put on as the finishing touch.

Note: If dematting of any animal is required, there will be a $18 (per hour) dematting fee, in addition to
the regular grooming charge.


Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is available Monday through Saturday for $12 to $16 an animal, during our regular hours. We do ask,
however, that you call ahead before bringing your pet to be sure a groomer is available.


Non-detergent shampoos are available if your pet is on Advantage or Frontline. Medicated and Oatmeal
baths are also available for those animals with sensitive or dry skin.


Appointment Information

Baths and Full Grooming are by appointment ONLY.

Grooming is available Monday through Saturday.

The latest Haircut appointment available Monday through Friday is 2:30pm.

The latest Bath appointment available Monday through Friday is 1:00pm.

The latest Haircut and Bath appointment available on Saturday is 11:00am.

Baths and all Grooming appointments will take between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.