For 33 plus years, Little Wolfe's has served Winter Haven and
the Polk County area for all of their grooming, boarding,
and day care needs. 

We're so grateful to be a part of such a strong community. 


Ann Wolfe Combee

Owner & Groomer

Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort opened the door 32 years ago on October 1, 1986.  Ann E. Wolfe received her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Alabama in 1980, after working in the field for 6 years, decided to change professions.  She wanted something to do with pets so she could keep her Labrador Retriever puppy with her all day— hating the idea of leaving her home alone. 

Based on the advice of a trusted friend, she attended a strenuous program in New York City to learn what she needed to handle in order to be a successful groomer. 

Once completing the program, she returned to the place where she was born and raised: Winter Haven. Starting the business was rocky, it took her 2 and a half years of persistent flyer dropping to get to place where she needed to really expand. The risk presented itself: she would have to buckle down and build the facility she knew she needed for her business. 

Believing in herself paid off, she had 2 employees to take care of and the trust of an entire town to earn, but she earned it. Within a year she had trained the two employees to handle each other’s workloads, doubling their productivity, and found a need to hire a third employee. 

The expansion continues; in just the last three years, she’s added Camp Little Wolfe’s Doggy Daycare. She’s created a separate large breed play area as well as a small breed play area. She’s also brought in an abundance of great people making up a solid team that’s more like family than a hired staff. 

Ann credits her success with the realization that the best way to build a business is to treat people the way she would want to be treated, and to always go out of her way to make people happy. 


Laura J. Camechis


Laura came to Little Wolfe’s November of 1994 as a groomer with 2 years
of experience, Laura has now been grooming for 25 years. 

Laura has a special skill of working with our elderly pets.  She is gentle
and takes the extra time as to not stress them out and makes them feel
young again.  

Laura has one son serving in the Navy as a Medic on a submarine and
has 4 grandsons and 3 Chihuahuas.


Jessica M. Waggoner


Jessica came to Little Wolfe’s during her High School years as her 1st job
in November of 1998 and started as a Bather/Kennel person and moved
her way up to receptionist.  Ann saw the potential in Jessica and trained
her to groom in January of 2001 and has been grooming for Little Wolfe’s
since.  She is a mother of 2 young handsome boys and 2 dogs. 

She enjoys working with breeds of all sizes and especially enjoys working
with pets that need the most transforming, those that will be a drastic change.


Treva A. Plowden


Treva joined the team at Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort as her 1st job during her High School years in February of 2002.  Starting as a bather/kennel person, moving
her way up to Receptionist and then Ann trained her as a groomer in November
of 2006.  Ann realizing her passion for animals and dedication to Little Wolfe’s promoted her to Manager in April 2011. 

Treva is also one of our cat groomers and takes pride in all tasks. Treva is the mother of one son and 4 dogs and 2 cats.


Alycia B. Smith


Alycia started with Little Wolfe’s during her High School years as well in September of 2006 as a bather/kennel person and with her organizational
skills and love for animals, she was moved up to receptionist and then in
March of 2010 Ann realized her dedication and trained her to be a groomer. 

As one of our cat groomers Alycia has displayed the ability to be very patient
with all pets.  Alycia’s special skill is working with the timid pets, those that need extra time to make them feel comfortable and safe with the grooming process. 
She is the mother of one daughter and 4 dogs.


Brandon J. Tucker


Brandon joined us in May of 2016 as a Kennel Tech/Daycare Attendant and Bather.  He is a pet person from the minute he  steps out of bed in the mornings.  He meets and greets each pet as if he has known them for a lifetime. 

 Brandon is also a very bright college student and organizes his time between studies and work with a very professional attitude.



Rachael M. Brassbridge


Rachael came to Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort from Maine.  Her past employment was in the Customer Service field and with her love of animals she was ready for a change.  Rachael has found her true passion in working with animals.  She is organized, gentle and loves entertaining our daycare/boarders on a daily basis.  Rachael puts her heart and soul into her job.  She is very detail-orientated, and since she’s always so focused on the well being of the pets, is always aware of any changes in behavior or mood. Rachael has 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 mice


Laurie DuMont


Laurie has been grooming for 26 years and came to us as a part time groomer in June of 2015. 
As a previous Grooming Shop owner she knows what it takes to be thorough, patient and take pride in your work.  She specializes in scissoring techniques
and is an asset to Little Wolfe’s.  


molly pressnell


Molly came to us the summer before her Senior year of High School, and does a little bit of everything, she never sits still and is always finding tasks
to accomplish.  She started in July of 2015 as bather/kennel/daycare and
in December of 2015 we realized her qualities to become a receptionist. 

She is a go getter and has the personality type that everyone loves being around.  Now a college student at PSC, she juggles work and school and
does an excellent job at both. 


Jacob J. Spence


Jacob joined team Little Wolfe’s in March of 2016 coming all the way from California, Jake is retired US Army where he was a Communication Specialist serving time in Iraq.  After leaving the Army Jake became the manager of Posh Pet Care in West Hollywood, CA. overseeing groomers, daycare attendants and training. 

Jacob is now a student at PSC and has a great passion for pets. 


autumn l. pennybacker


Autumn came to us from West Virginia, and she is now enjoying the warmer weather.  She is excellent with the clients and their pets and has outstanding organizational skills.  Autumn is a perfect match for Little Wolfe’s and
loves getting to know the clients and makes them comfortable leaving their pets in our care


House Cat

First known as Zoro by his previous owner came to Little Wolfe's 3 years ago at the age of 3. His original owner became ill and no longer could care for him. His owner wanted Ann to find him a home but deep down she wanted him to become the mascot of Little Wolfe's Pet Resort. Well, he settled in and warmed everyone's heart and is now the in house feline.