Helpful Advice On Boarding 


Understanding the Kennel Environment

You should understand the possible effects of stress on a dog and not be shocked if, while your dog is boarding, he develops tracheobronchitis or, occasionally, intestinal problems. You should be aware that some dogs carry viruses in their systems for months and begin to show symptoms only after being subjected to a stress situation. In other words, they can “catch” a disease from themselves.

Sometimes temporary behavior changes can occur as a result of unfamiliar surroundings. Dear sweet Rover tears up the bed he has slept in for years. Or “Killer” that rowdy scourge of the neighborhood, turns into a little lamb. Eating habits change under stress, and a dog assimilates his food differently. Some will eat like canaries at home and like vultures at a kennel. They may put on a few pounds. Others can lose weight though eating well or lose weight by not eating enough. Kennel life can be very exciting, and some dogs lose weight because they run the weight off as they charge around barking at other dogs and having a wonderful time. These dogs often go home exhausted but happy and sleep a lot the first couple of days at home.

All of the preparation by the pet owner merely points out that he should recognize that successful boarding depends not only upon the kennel, but also upon how well the owner prepares his dog for the experience.

Now that Rover is Home Again

When Rover is picked up he will be very excited to see you. (Dogs do not have a sense of time so that he would be just as happy to see you if you left him 5 minutes or 5 days.) Do not feed him (though he will act hungry once he gets back on his familiar turf) for at least 3 hours, and then be very careful not to overfeed him. Also, excitement will cause Rover to pant a lot, lose body water and be thirsty. Give him a few ice cubes to tide him over until feeding time. Again, in his excited state, excessive food and water consumption can create problems.

Remember, Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort is in the business because we love dogs.