Camp Little Wolfe’s features extensive play areas for dogs of all sizes and shapes to mingle, romp, relax and just have fun. Daycare is supervised activity allowing dogs an opportunity to interact with one another in group play settings. Groups are established by size and disposition.

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Daycare Requirements

All pets enjoying Doggy Daycare must be spayed/neutered, of good nature, in good health and free of any injuries, bandages, sutures, stitches, etc. All dogs must be clean, well groomed and free of parasites. We ask that all pets are following regular pest/parasite control regiment.

Initial Daycare Assessment

First time Daycare visitors will require some special treatment. Initial meetings will give our staff an opportunity to make a proper introduction and assessment for each pet.

We take pride in our service and invite anyone to come view our facility at any time. Visit Us.
Amazing place for your pet. We felt absolutely comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. A++! Charles H.
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